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Lyra Stone brings a soothing but intellectual approach to topics about self-care and recovery after trauma. She offers advice and tips for those looking for calm, spiritually-focused as well as scientifically-minded solutions to thriving after narcissistic abuse. Much of her topics deal with ways to move forward after leaving an abusive environment. Episode 1: Get onContinue reading “{ PODCAST }”


An exploration of topics that center around the experiences of leaving an abusive relationship. Delves into the issues surrounding rape, assault, and other forms of abuse. Talks about the confusion one often feels after escaping an intimate partner. Offers answers to questions about why victims will stay. Offers comfort for those recovering from narcissistic abuse.Continue reading “{ MEMOIRS }”


A list of short stories that follow the lives of different persons who go through forms of abuse. It offers a peek into how love can be exploited and what people do to recover and escape from the narcissistic persons who threaten their lives and their sanity. It gives hope for those looking for salvation.Continue reading “{ SHORT STORIES }”

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