Lyra Stone brings a soothing but intellectual approach to topics about self-care and recovery after trauma. She offers advice and tips for those looking for calm, spiritually-focused as well as scientifically-minded solutions to thriving after narcissistic abuse. Much of her topics deal with ways to move forward after leaving an abusive environment.

Episode 1: Get on Your Bike and Find your Purpose after Narcissistic Abuse
Host: Lyra Stone
Topic: This episode dives into how we create achievable goals for ourselves and reestablish purpose after the damage of abuse. Lyra Stone dives into the art of “positive thinking” and ways to recondition our brains in healthy ways that will push us to make incremental steps towards healthier and more long term goals. Notice the “red cars.” Keep your mind and heart open to greater possibilities free of the toxic elements narcissistic abuse has created inside of you.

Episode 2: Healing Empaths Through Candle Work After Narcissistic Abuse
Host: Lyra Stone
Topic: Reconditioning your brain after abuse takes a lot of will. Lyra offers some spiritual types to help our brains get there through a little bit of faith and magick. Come and light a candle with us!

Episode 3: Eat, Pray, Love on a Budget after Narcissistic Abuse
Host: Lyra Stone
Topic: Lyra Stone dives into ways to reclaim your memories and travel without putting a strain on your finances. She talks about new perspectives on our relationships with food and our spirituality. A journey takes that first single step.

Episode 4: My Personal Account of Being in An Abusive Relationship and An Intro to Tarot
Host: Lyra Stone
Topic: Lyra Stone talks candidly about her abuse story and attempts the answer some of the cliché questions often brought up surrounding DV/Rape. She also dives into tarot card reading as a way to cope with helplessness and those moments you feel like you have no control .

Episode 5: Revenge Against Your Abuser And What That Means
Host: Lyra Stone
Topic: Anger is a natural and normal emotion that validates your experience. It is there to jerk you awake and insists to you that what happened to you wasn’t right, but it can also be detrimental to your overall health and healing if you don’t find ways to channel it and reach closure with it. So what does it mean to seek out revenge? Lyra Stone dives into the necessary steps victims and survivors need to take before considering the heavy and connotatively path of revenge. She discusses what revenge really is and what it really does.

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