A list of short stories that follow the lives of different persons who go through forms of abuse. It offers a peek into how love can be exploited and what people do to recover and escape from the narcissistic persons who threaten their lives and their sanity. It gives hope for those looking for salvation.


The story of Gwendolyn and Balen. What if love really is eternal? What if two persons become tied so tightly together that not even death will separate their paths? This is a story about youthful attachments and what happens when love doesn’t conquer all.


Never mistake intensity for intimacy. John’s a good man, but even good men have a breaking point. Follow his journey to reclaiming himself after being swept up in a whirlwind of emotional abuse and chaos.


Amy is a runner, but some things you cannot run from. After her husband Daniel’s unexpectant death, she is left dealing with the aftermath of his abuse and infidelities.


May and Lynn had always been sisters, and their relationship is put to the test when Lynn makes a phone call that changes both their lives forever.


A short-story that peeks into the mind of Gene as he revisits his old girlfriend Becky.

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