About MLN

Survival isn’t glamorous. It often comes with a heavy price– the price of isolation, the price of shame, the price of silence. To escape your life once it has been woven in with an abuser, can take all the strength inside of you, and the support you’re so desperate for in your flight is often fragile at best. There is rarely a white knight to be found that will come galloping in to rescue you.

The hardest part about surviving is that you must take back the confidence that is stripped away from you. You must reprogram your brain. You must believe in yourself and believe in your story. There is no perfect victim. There is no obvious villain. In most relationships that go toxic, the desperation and anger generated from their conflicts will send both individuals spiraling into uglier versions of themselves that are hellbent on “winning” and “surviving” rather than “healing” and “thriving. Every person should strive to be a better version of themselves. Not all relationships are meant to endure forever. But this isn’t about every relationship. This isn’t about undoing toxic patterns in normal human relationships and conflicts.

MLN is about surviving abuse and overcoming the shame of telling your story. It is about letting go of the guilt that abusive persons lay on you to keep your silent about their actions. It is a place of vindication. It is a place to grow stronger.

MLN isn’t going to tell you there are two sides to a story. It is here to tell you the one side that needs to be heard: the side of the survivor.

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